Role Of Government In Business Development

We all know that business is one of the major industries in the world. It is because it’s the only one way where people can earn big amount of profits within a short period. Generally when we say business, it means people invest their money as a capital and they use the human resources to produce the goods and services. Moreover when it comes to business, there are so many other processes which is also included in the business field. For example, labelling, packaging, marketing, advertising and promoting etc. Though, business is the easiest way to earn money, but still business men have to do some hard works and they have to act smart. That’s the reason why most of the countries encourage the business development in their country. Also, the business can be decided as, local business and international business. Rather than local business the international business give so many benefits to a country. This is the reason why every government of a country do their best to support this business industry.
When we say the role of government in business development, it means that the government’s participation and contribution in the business field. Especially, to support these businesses the government play the role as seller or buyer in order to provide special services for businessmen and most of the times this special service gives so many benefits to the businessmen. The reason for this is that, the government wants the best goods and services at better price for their citizen. That’s the reason why government contribute to the business and reduce the actual price to a better price. These are the main business setup Dubai which has created by the government in order to encourage the businesses.
However, another important role which is played by the government in business development is that, they allocate special tax reductions for the business organization. This is one of the direct ways to encourage the businesses of a country. A good example for this is, the Ajman free zone license, which is a free trade zone in United Arab Emirates. When a businessman gets this free trade license then they can move their goods and services freely without any tax payments.
The major the reason why the government helps to develop these businesses is, they can provide best goods and services to their citizen. This leads to a situation where the country can have good wealth and fortune. Moreover the government can also earn foreign currency which helps them to develop our country.