Tips On Making Your Short Film A Hit

By any means, short films are not any less than feature films. After all, though they are a little short on time, with the correct writing and directing, a short film can be as (and sometime more) affective than a full-length movie. Now-a-days, short films are being used for many things from home movies to corporate documentary. And they are particularly a popular thing among young film makers and film students.
If you are aspiring to be a director of photography or simply interested in knowing how to make a successful short film, then look no further. Here’s what our experts have to say regarding this subject.
The human resources and the gear
As a DOP cameraman (and probably the head of the whole project) it’s possible that you’d want your first project to be a “one man show”. And though we are not undermining your skills, we do have to say that it might be tough to handle the project alone. Consider putting together a team for the project. As for the equipment, we personally believe that now-a-days, film makers can achieve from a smartphone camera that which can be achieved from a professional camera. As far as you are confident with handling your gear, you should not have an issue with it.
The story telling and the writing
No film will see success without an ace idea and creative writing that will bring out that idea. Perfect your story telling skills, or include a writer to your “crew”. Remember that you need to visualize your story, so that your audience isn’t “reading” your story, but seeing it. Avoid being over ambitious with your story, as this is a common mistake. Keep it short; and let it read like a short poem; in which very little is said, but the meaning behind it is something to ponder about. Stay away from the cliché plots and messages; they tend to receive less fame.
The sound and the silence of the film
It goes without saying that the background music you choose makes a huge difference to your movie. The correct usage of sound and silence can help enhance your story. As a beginner to film making it’s possible that you’ll be using the free music and sounds freely available online. Just steer away from the popular and often used background music as the audience tend to get distracted from the story by its familiarity.
Never underestimate the power of proper editing, lighting and locations
The editing part of your film making is as important as the producing of it. It’s where all the fine-tuning works. Through the editing, you’d be able to make your good movie great; so, make sure to brush up on your editing skills. Likewise pay special attention to the lighting and the location in which your movie is shot. Yes, you can edit the lighting to a certain extent; but why waste time and energy on it? As a beginner, try to make the maximum out of natural lighting; as this is less stressful than artificial lighting.