Different Types Of Kitchens

Mainly there are two types of kitchens namely domestic and commercial. Both these types undertake the same task called cooking though there are number of differences between them. Basically the differences come up based on the types of necessities arise due to the requirements of the family members or the clients. If it is a domestic one, there is a few number of hungry stomachs to be fed whereas in a commercial place there can be hundreds or thousands of hungry people looking for something to eat.

Commercial kitchens are used in places like, restaurants, hotels, canteens, workplaces, schools, universities, hospitals etc. they do cooking in large scale manner and they need a lot of technically developed equipment, kitchen appliances and facilities with what they can cook huge amount of food and cater to the number of people who buy food. These commercial places are the first time users of almost every new technology based equipment as their necessities are higher and they need to reduce the time, effort and cost spent on their cooking process.

Commercial ones are different compared to domestic ones as they need a lot of space to carry out their process. At home, we usually make three main meals per day and we make tea and very rarely a snack. So it is a limited process and we do not have options at home. Whatever cooks for dinner is the only option for everybody at home. But when it comes to a commercial place, different people require different types of food, deserts, drinks and snacks. So they need enough space and appliances to make all these things at the same time. They need storing facilities than domestic kitchens need because they make different types of foods and need to store necessary things separately and safely. For this most of the places use huge refrigerators, kitchen cabinets or cupboards. Learn more here about the most stylish kitchen cabinets in UAE.

These huge kitchens are usually equipped with huge stoves, stainless steel containers and they have light coloured or white tiled walls and surfaces to make sure that the entire place is clean and hygienic. Another important difference is, domestic places are not inspected by anyone and those who use the place usually keep it clean and tidy while the commercial places are not that clean and hygienic due to many reasons. So the public health inspectors usually inspect the places and make sure that they are hygienic and they prepare food properly. Therefore the commercial places are very careful about the guide lines and they follow them properly.

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