Helping You With Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the intense organizing and getting rid of anything unnecessary such as the collected clutter and making your home look brand new all over again! The intensity of your clearing out depends on how long it’s been since the last time. It’s always best to do this twice every year, this way you keep your home organized and avoid any unnecessary cluttering. There are several ways to go about deep cleaning, and listed below are a few tips to help you with this process.


Clean out your closet and give all your clothes to the best dry cleaners out there! This way you not only have room and time to dust out you closet without having to worry about getting your clothes damaged. Once you get the clothes back, separate them and arrange them in a manner that helps you get what you need easily.


This time calls for the intense dusting, washing and vacuuming of all your furniture! You never realize the amount of dust that collects in the corners of all your furniture until it’s time for you to get to the cleaning. Remove the cushions from your couch and other seating areas and vacuum till until you’re extremely sure there’s no dust left. However, make sure the furniture can be washed without causing any damage before you get to the actual washing. You don’t want to end up with discolored and damaged furniture!


Bedspreads, table cloths, towels and others have to also be washed and cleaned. These material are usually very different and intricate, thus you need to take extra care. It’s always advisable that you give it out to professionals such as laundry Bur Dubai, who know what sort of material they are dealing with and will not likely cause any damage.


You can opt to get to the washrooms either last, or first. When it comes to the clearing of the washrooms, you’ll have to put on your oldest work clothes and get your gloves out! Make sure you clean every inch of the washroom, including the corners you never see. The sink, the taps, the shower heads are also a must. Replace your shower curtains every two years and your soap/shampoo every month or two. Take care with expiration dates. Don’t forget the tissue rolls!


Depending on the type of floor, the manner of cleaning depends. Therefore, make sure you use the appropriate cleaning method when doing the floors!

Spring cleaning is a must do at least once a year, this gets rid of any clutter and helps make your house look neat and organized. Listed above were a few tips to go about your yearly spring clean!

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