Hoisting The Hoisting Machine

Hoisting machines, more commonly known as cranes, are one of the most important pieces of equipment needed when in construction. They are significant in many industries in addition to construction. When it comes to creating high-rise buildings, these machines are absolutely necessary. You have probably wondered: how do cranes get to the top of high-rise buildings to continue construction? How do you hoist the machine that is supposed to do the hoisting for you? There are three methods that can be employed to help the machine climb up the building that is being constructed.

External climbing method

In this method, the foundation level of the crane is fixed on a concrete slab on the ground. Then, the actual crane part of the machine is erected externally, beside the building, with smaller cranes. After a certain height, steel collars are used to fasten the crane into place. Consequently, the crane itself adds new parts to its spine. There is a sheath on the crane that is used to support the crane until new parts are attached. The basic idea is that the machine constructs the building, and then attaches itself to each new level of the high-rise building, and using the construction to support itself. This can be done with normal sturdy cranes that are available for construction purposes.

Internal climbing method

The idea behind this method is that the machine sits in the center of the building, and it constructs the high-rise building around it. It constructs around a 100 feet at a time. After it constructs a segment of 100 feet, the hydraulic cylinder in the base of the machine helps elevate the crane to the next level. Consequently, the machine constructs another part of the building and continuously repeats the process until the construction is finished. You will need to consult with crane and gantry suppliers Dubai to ensure that the machine you purchase can follow this process.

The flying method

This method doesn’t involve the actual machine pushing itself up or doing any of the work. This option calls for a heavy-duty helicopter to come in and fly the machine to the top of the building, so it can keep constructing. Once the machine reaches the maximum it can construct from that height, it will have to be flown up again. When it comes to moving the system up, it will usually have to be done in parts. You would have to take the machine apart and take its parts up, and construct the machine again before it can do any work. This method is least common method, due to its high cost and inconvenience. It is usually done with machines that cannot elevate themselves.

These are the basic methods of getting a hoisting machine up onto a high-rise construction. They are not difficult to follow, especially the first two options, considering that the machine will do most of the work. These methods can be very useful in making the construction process quick and efficient.

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