How To Arrange Dining Room Seating In A Restaurant?

You need to have a good seating arrangement to ensure that your customers enjoy a comfortable experience. The dining area of a restaurant sets a theme to the entire place. This is where you get a feel of what kind of clientele frequents the place. You have to make the best of the dining room space you have. It has to strike a balance between functionality and comfort.

When contacting hotel furniture suppliers you need to consider how much space you have at your establishment. The number of seating naturally depends on the size of the room. Think of how many people you can fit inside the room without crowding them or destroying the original ambience of the place. Maybe you need multiple dining areas with different themes such as a large space for a group of people or cosy intimate spaces for couples or a quiet business lunch. Maybe you can have one large open area. Think of how many floating tables and anchor tables you can accommodate within the space. And while you arrange the space, you need to leave enough space for the wait staff to get around. The other customers also need space to move around without disturbing another person. The layout should be arranged so that the management can see which table needs a refill, which tables are free and which customers are finished with the meals. This way you can anticipate the needs of the customers and provide a better personalised service.

When you’re planning restaurant furniture in Dubai arrangement, you need to think about your target market. If it’s a high end establishment you need to design the space to cater to their needs. Maybe they’ll need more privacy and a quieter atmosphere. There have to be spaces for the staff also such as wait stations. These areas will not be visible to the customers but it has to be stocked with everything needed for them such as extra plates, cups, napkins, condiments etc. so that the staff can quickly attend to the needs of the clients.

You have to think very carefully about what people like and dislike. Where would a person feel the most comfortable? It is usually a given fact that people feel more comfortable sitting at a table or booth that is anchored to the wall instead of at a floating table in the middle of the room. This gives them a measure of privacy. You can facilitate this by adding partition, screens through the restaurant space if you don’t have enough space for anchor tables. This will still give the customers a relatively quiet place to sit and dine in peace. But this doesn’t mean you should remove the floating tables completely. They also serve a purpose. They are especially convenient for customers who are in a rush and not looking to stay for a longer time. You can put these tables in the high traffic areas. It is important to maintain a variation in the dining experiences you offer.

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