Inventions That Have Helped The Disabled

For decades and ages, disabled people have had to ask and rely on other people to get things done; be it something as small as turning on a light or reading a book. But thanks to the great strides taken by the technology world, it is possible for disabled people to finally have a voice and get things done by themselves.

In a world filled with skyscrapers in every corner and country; the elevator has to rank at the top of one of the inventions that have greatly affected and made the lives of disabled people easier. Lifts have been around for a long time but were always unreliable and accident prone.

It was not until Elisha Graves Otis came up with a reliable model that companies started developing the model and they came up with various types like the hydraulic elevator in Dubai and such. This invention has allowed disabled people who have difficulty walking to easily move up large vertical distances without the pain and struggle of using stairs and exhausting themselves. Braille watches have also been invented for those with visual impairments. This invention allows them to easily tell the time. Nowadays even braille smart watches have been invented that allow the visually impaired people to access their messages, tweets, or even read books if they are in the mood for it. There are apps present in the market that allow people who have difficulty talking to have a conversation or address someone. They have the ability to translate unintelligible words into a meaningful sentence. This makes it possible for us to understand what they require.

There is even technology that allows a person with physical disabilities to control the movement of a cursor using their eyes or head. This makes it easy for them to use a laptop or computer or even a smartphone. There are even pianos that can be played using your eyes! There are voice input systems that allow individuals to type on computers and smart phones using just their voice. For people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and have frequent tremors, there are spoons that balance accordingly with the tremors and allow a certain person to enjoy and have a proper meal. For people suffering from dyslexia, there are even fonts that make it easier for them to read. They adapt the words in such a way that he individual finds it easier to read. For kids suffering from autism, there are apps that help them maintain eye contact as this is very hard for people suffering from autism. With the use of the app they can learn to maintain eye contact and develop themselves.

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