Living On A Budget

No matter where in the world you live, it is likely that you are struggling to live and pay your basic bills with the wages that you earn at the end of the month from your full time work and therefore everyone is looking for newer ways of saving money and cutting down on expenses. Although we may think that we are living on the low down and spending only on our most urgent needs, closer inspection might reveal that you can in fact save even more money. In the UK, most young people live on about twenty pounds a day and they believe that this is the lowest that you can live on however, there are actually people in the UK who are living on just one pound a day and it is not as impossible as you might think.

Focus on offers and discounts

At any given time, the supermarkets in Dubai will have various discounts and offers for various products. One great way to save a lot of money on your shopping is to try buy products when they are on offer and buy them in bulk to last you a few months or a year. If you use four bottles of house hold cleaner a month, try and buy forty bottles when they are on offer so that you will save a lot on them on the long run. You can do the same with all the other products that you buy to save thousands. In fact, if you can plan ahead, you might even be able to wait until a certain product is on offer to buy it.

When you visit your grocery store, make it a point to only buy food products that are in season, on offer or very low priced. In other words, you can plan your menu for the week based on the vegetables that are in season instead of planning your menu and then going out to buy the products that you need.

If you find that pasta is on offer at your supermarket, you could choose to make a few pasta dishes over the next few weeks or you can simply buy the dry pasta in bulk to last you a few months. You can also find methods of storing products that are currently very cheap. As an example, during lime season, you can make lime pickle to store the limes that you have bought during the season and then use the pickle for many months or even a few years.

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