Tips On Designing A “Growing” Children’s Room

Our children are our pride and joy. They reintroduce us to happiness in ways we’ve never imagined before; awaking the “super human” within you with a single tear in their eyes. They also bring about many changes in our lives; from our daily routine to what we need and want from our home. The once perfect home (the size and location of it usually) suddenly feels inadequate; and we’re prepared to let go of our comforts and needs in an instant to make life easier for them.

Their growth (and the sheer speed of it!) can affect a lot more than our emotional state of mind (and their clothes!). Their bedroom for one, needs to grow right along them; changing to suit their needs. Here are our experts’ tips on creating a “growing” children’s bedroom, so you needn’t change it every 3 years.

Select furniture with care

It’s important that when it comes to selecting your child’s furniture; you have the last word. As tempting as it may be, avoid the “babyish” furniture with loud colors and impossible designs. Instead, opt for growing furniture. Beds with side railing that can be removed are a good idea for very young kids. If the size is right, opt for a Sealy mattress for long lasting usage and comfort. Beds with storage options are also great; they’ll always need space to stash their things, no matter their age.

Choose “adult-ish” colors

This is particularly important for a child in the cusp of teenage hood. While it’s important that you take your child’s favorite color to consideration when painting his room, it’s also important that you select an adult shade of that color to help make his room grow with him. Avoid extremely dull and adult colors and themes, as this is after all a child’s room.

Go easy on his preferences

Just like us adults, children too have favorite idols and characters. And it’s possible that when you’re selecting a theme for your child’s room, they’d want you to include their favorites into their room’s décor. But play with caution here. Instead of spending hours painting their favorite character into the walls (and regret doing so in a few months as they would have “moved on” by then), opt for incorporating them into bed sheets and wall posters.

Be wise with the decoration

You can put in the fun to their room through the decoration. Unlike the wall paint or the furniture, swapping decorations won’t cost your much or take too much effort; so, give them this. Use toys as decoration—decoration they can play with. Line or string decoration is also a great option; as what they hang up can mature as they do. Opt for multiple purpose and fun décor options such as an in-room hammock or tipi; which gives them countless hours of fun; and in the case of the hammock, a fun place to study in or sit in for their “visitors”.

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