Tips On How To Plan A Simple And Intimate Birthday Party

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated; especially if it’s a birthday of a loved one. Ideally, it will be an affair where you gather all of the birthday boy/girl’s friends and family together—a big splash on the calendar. But not everyone is fond of overbearing music of crowded parties. If your loved one feels the same, then planning a small and intimate party for their birthday can be more meaningful. Here are our tips on how you can do so successfully. Read ahead to find them.

• Start your planning at the earliest date possible. This will eliminate the confusions, and if you intend to keep it a surprise, it’ll be easier to keep the secret as well. Beyond this, it also gives your guests ample time to be prepared to come for the party; which is important if they are flying in for it.

• Try to keep the guest list small. This is especially vital if a crowd puts the birthday boy/girl into a bad mood. Invite only those who they are closest to. Friends and family who mean the most to him/her are a sure bet. Since this is their day, they shouldn’t have to tolerate those they don’t particularly like…

• Think your menu through and have it planned well in advance. Of course, the birthday cakes Dubai are the important part in this category, but it doesn’t mean you neglect the rest of the party food. If making at home, try to make them ahead of time. We personally feel it’s better to hire a caterer though, as this frees you to plan the rest of the party.

• What do you plan on gifting your loved one? Gifts for men Dubai or women can take a little time to think through, so have them thought through, bought and wrapped up well before the party. Leaving it for the last minute will only stress you out, and probably alert your loved one that everything is not normal.

• Since it’s a small group and an intimate party, don’t go overboard with the decorations. Does your loved one favor a particular kind of flower? Use them as part of your decorations. Fairy lights and balloons along with floral arrangement should help you achieve a lovely look appropriate for a small party.

Make plenty of memories together on their birthday. Honestly, this is the best gift you can give them. Relax and have fun at the party. Mingle together with your guests, and participate in the games (if you have any planned). You having a great time along with them will only make the party much better for your loved one.

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