Why An Independent House Is Better Than A House In A Complex

Currently in the world today there is a rising trend in people buying houses in complexes as it would seem easier in a lot of aspects such as security and all rather than going for independent houses. The concept of having independent houses seems to be a bit of an outdated trend. What you don’t realize is that having an independent house also has its advantages. There are actually advantages and disadvantages you must consider before you decide to go for either one. But the focus of this article is mainly on why you should opt for an independent house rather than one in a complex.

First of all let us look at the advantaged of picking this option. . One of the biggest advantages is the amount of freedom that is awarded to you. You have the freedom to change your home interior design in any way that you please. You won’t get this advantage in complexes as there is usually made to look alike and you will have to settle for the given look. In addition to that one of the most obvious advantages of living independently is that you can pick a location where you don’t have to worry that much about noisy neighbors. In the sense you would have a lot more privacy. For people who love their privacy this is pretty good option. This option will also give you the chance to have sufficient space to bring up a pet and to make enough for your pet and kids to pay with. In addition to that if you are someone who is interested in having a nice big garden this would be a good idea.

Now you must understand though that your freedom to not conform to the likes of interior designers in Bangalore comes at a cost. One of the biggest disadvantages is the security concern. In a complex there is usually a paid for security service that will protect your house and belongings. If you buy an independent house you are on your own. Security could be very important if you are someone who tends to travel a lot. Being on your own it also means that it’s going to be costly and a hassle to find people like plumbers in a time of need. That is to say if you live in a complex there is probably a plumber on call that you can easily reach to get any repairs done as soon as you need them done.

These are but a few things that you will be foregoing for your freedom. But if you really are someone who loves to design your personal space it would be better a buy an independent house rather than one from residential projects. They may provide you with security and such but it is very inflexible in terms changing the outlook of your house and such. Furthermore the amount of extra space you get to have around your house would be limited as well. At the end of the day it is up to you of course to decide. First think about what you think you need and then decide on what you are going to buy.

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